Now there is also another very important aspect to consider when you are arranging your parties or even just inviting guests around for an evening meal.

As a student then you are bound to be partying in between exams and revision and so here is some advice on have a great time but stay friends with the neighbours. Who knows you may need them to put your bins out for you at Christmas when you are away!

Please let your neighbours know in advance of the party and decide on a mutual time to finish and stick to it. Invite them around for a drink so that they can feel a little included if they want to be.

Let the neighbours have several contact numbers so that they can ring or text if it is all getting a bit much. If neighbours feel like they could stop the noise at any point they will feel a bit more in control. There is nothing worse than having to get out of bed at 3am to knock on the neighbour’s door and still not be heard.

Neighbours have a lot of power over noise pollution so be aware that if complaints are made and it goes as far as the City Councils Environmental Health Department, this department has the legal wright to confiscate sound equipment if the noise levels are too high.

Noise complaints are dealt with very seriously by the University and this is classed as anti-social behaviour.

Student parties and noise IssuesIf the parties and noise persists then letting agents may get involved and if the advice and warnings are ignored then Landlords, parents and guarantors can be involved as the next step to sorting the issue out.  The last thing you need is to be at risk of being evicted from your house part way through the academic year.

Having said all of that you are at University to learn how to be independent young adults, make your own choices and besides getting your degree to also have a good time so enjoy but keep the bass levels down!