Making the right choice in securing a property to rent is an important decision, which is often based off the back of a quick viewing and therefore it is essential to be prepared and know what to look for. I have listed 5 areas I believe should be considered by the viewer;

  1. Is the plumbing in good order?

Check the age of the boiler and the condition of the radiators to ensure both are sufficient to adequately heat up the house in the colder months. Check the water pressure meets your expectations; do not be afraid to run the shower and taps.

  1. Check the condition of the windows

Modern double glazing will always be the preference for heat retention and reducing noise levels but this may not always be possible. Should they be wooden framed then it is important to check the condition of the paintwork, which should give an indication as to how well they have been treated and looked after.

  1. Does the house smell of damp?

Signs of a damp smell, flaking paintwork/plaster and water stains to ceilings and walls are clear signs of potential damp issues. It is strongly recommended to view the property with a critical eye and should any issues be noted then raise with the agent or landlord before proceeding.

  1. Ensure the storage & space is suitable

Check there is enough space for your furniture and possessions. Are there ample kitchen cupboards for your requirements, understairs storage for hoovers as well as other bulky cleaning items and will your sofa fit in the lounge? Be aware of ‘staging’ where rooms have been dressed to make them look larger than they actually are with use of smaller furniture items and mirrors.

  1. Check out the neighbourhood and do your homework

Find out where all the local amenities are such as schools, shops, hospitals. What is the parking like in the vicinity? It is worth checking this during different times of the day for instance rush hour or evenings. Quiz the agent or the current occupier on the neighbours and perhaps check the external condition of neighbouring houses to see if they are in a reasonable condition.